About Me

Hello, I'm Petr Bouška from Tábor, Czech Republic. I have more than 30 years of experience with analysis, development, testing and deployment, mostly web applications with a focus on backend systems. Until 2014, I was employed by various companies, since 2014 I have been a freelancer and I am hired for projects. I have experience working in multicultural and multinational teams as an ordinary programmer or team leader, but i have no problem working independently.

  • First Name - Petr
  • Last Name - Bouška
  • Date of Birth - 3.3.1971
  • Nationality - Czech
  • Phone - +420 724 008 132
  • Email - petr@bozena.net
  • Address - Havanská 2817/19, Tábor
  • Languages - Czech, English
Years Experience
Done Projects
Happy Customers

My Resume

  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership
    Problem Solving
    Self confidence
  • Hard Skills
  • HTML5 / CSS3
    Javascript / jQuery
    PHP / Symfony
    UI / UX Design
Technology summary
  • Operation Systems
  • Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Programming languages
  • Visual Basic, PHP, JavaScript, Node.JS
  • Frameworks
  • jQuery, MooTools, AngularJS, PrototypeJS, Symfony, Strongloop, React.JS
  • Databases
  • MsSQL, MySQL, ORACLE, Mongo, PostgreSQL
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap, Bulma, SASS, LESS
  • Others
  • Apache, IIS, SQL, T-SQL, MS Project, Agile development, WordPress, Phabricator, JIRA, Docker, Git, Semaphore CI, RabbitMQ, Redis
Work Experience
  • Web Developer 2021 - present PHP, Symfony, Mongo, RabbitMQ, Redis VISO Trade s.r.o.
    • Development of internal systems for supporting e-shop
    • Backend development & optimalization
    • Microservices development
  • Web Developer / Analyst 2020 - present PHP/Symfony, Bulma, Javascript, MySQL Barracuda BS s.r.o.
    • Development of systems for organizing competitions
    • Development of internal system for processing and managing goods delivery
  • Web Developer 2020 - 2021 PHP, Laminas, jQuery, MySQL SAB Servis s.r.o.
    • Development of internal systems for supporting financial consultants
    • Code cleaning & optimalization
    • Code preparation for deployment under frameworks
  • Web developer / Analyst 2010 - present PHP/Symfony, Bootstrap, Javascript, MySQL Aknel Group a.s.
    • Development of an internal web application used for the operation of total fluid management for the company's customers
    • Analysis and design of solutions based on the company's process
  • Senior web developer / Analyst 2019 - 2020 PHP/Symfony, Bulma, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, SOAP Yoursystem s.r.o.
    • Development of ŠKODA Auto content delivery hub
    • Development of BE for travelling agency Elixir
    • Development of social networks integration for Škoda Engagement Platform
    • Development of FE/BE for automated prescriptions delivery (e-recept) for Alphega pharmacies
  • Senior web developer / Analyst 2018 - 2019 PHP/Symfony, RabbitMQ, MySQL Intergram, z.s.
    • Development of internal system for processing payments to producers and performers based on their author rights and usage in broadcasting
  • NodeJS developer / Analyst 2017 - 2018 NodeJS, Strongloop, XML dCOS s.r.o.
    • Developing of microservices for SOAP/REST transformations
  • Senior PHP developer / Software architect 2014 - 2017 PHP/Symfony, Javascript, SOAP Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.
    • Development of middle tier application and web selfcare
    • Integration with other back-end systems
    • Analysys and development of new business requests
  • Web developer / Analyst 2014 PHP/Symfony, Javascript, MySQL Česká správa bytových nemovitostí s.r.o.
    • Development of web application for managing SVJ companies
  • Project manager / SW developer 2013 - 2014 PHP, Javascript, MySQL ADVICE.CZ s.r.o.
    • Planning of new projects including analysis and technical solution
    • Customers support for running projects
    • Development of product microsites
  • Senior PHP developer / Consulting manager 2012 - 2013 PHP, Javascript, MySQL Anywhere s.r.o.
    • Daily management of group of 20+ people
    • Costs calculation and resources planning for projects
    • SW maintenance for L’Oréal Czech Republic
  • Web developer / Tem leader (Germany) 2010 - 2012 Javascript, MooTools, XHTML SII s.r.o. – Telefónica
    • Development of UI for user’s communication over Web
    • Solutions proposal, basic classes structure summary
    • Planning & team leading
  • Web developer 2009 - 2010 PHP, Javascript, MySQL, SOAP Barracuda BS s.r.o.
    • Development of system for sending of Business messages
    • SMS/WWW, mass SMS and mass mail services for huge companies
    • Customer’s care center development
  • Developer / Analyst / Project Leader 2006 - 2009 Visual Basic, PHP, MsSQL, MySQL ADVICE.CZ s.r.o.
    • Windows applications development
    • Web applications development
    • Team lead and checking
  • Web developer / Analyst 2005 - 2006 PHP, Javascript, MySQL ProfiHelp s.r.o.
    • WWW applications development (CMS, e-shops)
    • Since first contact with customer to final deployment of project
  • Cannon Fodder :) 1994 - 2004 PHP, ASP, Visual Basic, MsSQL TDF HQ, Army of ČR
    • Administration and supervision of structured LANs
    • development of Windows/WWW applications and presentation graphics
    • Chief of department of structured networks
  • Diplomed engineer
  • 1989 - 1994
  • Industrial engineering and management
  • University Of West Bohemia, Pilsen
  • Graduation
  • 1985 - 1989
  • Gymnázium Soběslav
Interests & Hobbies
  • Coding
  • Thrash Metal
  • NFL

My Services

  • Web Design
  • Creating the look of a website is one of my skills. I focus mainly on a simple, pleasant appearance, which is optimized for responsive display.
  • Layout Design
  • Based on the graphic design, I will create a responsive HTML layout of the website. To do this, I use the CSS framework Bulma (or Bootstrap) using the SASS compiler.
  • Backend development
  • I program a backend system that is able to communicate with the frontend or another system via REST, SOAP or GrapQL interface.
  • Integration microservices
  • For the integration of individual separate systems, I am able to program an integration platform that will help connect them based on the required parameters.
  • Team leading
  • I am able to manage a development team taking into account the assigned tasks and goals using an agile methodology, or help with building a suitable team.
  • Project management
  • Proper project management is the foundation of success - not only goal orientation, but also planning, valuation and resource management contribute to the successful completion of a task.

Contact Me

  • +420 724 008 132
  • Phone
  • petr@bozena.net
  • Email
  • Havanská 2817/19, Tábor
  • Address